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Adam Lettieri

Adam Lettieri brings a wealth of experience and a refined sensibility to his role as Managing Director of National Sales. Holding a Bachelor of Arts from William Paterson State University, Adam’s journey in the arts began in Bergen County, New Jersey. Raised amidst the cultural vibrancy of the Manhattan art world, he developed an early and profound appreciation for art and culture.

With a distinguished career spanning nearly three decades, Adam has cultivated deep connections within the design industry, working directly with Interior Designers and Architects. His most recent role as Vice President of National Sales at Coraggio, a high-end Italian textile company renowned for its exclusive designs, saw him excel for twelve years, driving sales and fostering relationships with the trade.


Adam’s multifaceted passions extend beyond his professional achievements. A devoted opera enthusiast, he finds inspiration in the emotive power of the performances. Additionally, his admiration for the innovative and transformative compositions of pianist Phillip Glass highlights his deep appreciation for diverse art forms.

An avid skier, Adam’s love for the sport reflects his zest for life’s dynamic experiences. His sophisticated tastes and lifelong dedication to the arts seamlessly align with his professional endeavors, making him an invaluable asset in the world of art and design.

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